Monday, September 24, 2012

The Democratic Primaries in 2008: Hillary Clinton's Campaign Pt 1

The Obvious Report - Reporting the obvious facts from the Democratic primary of 2008 to today in comic book form.
I'm new at publishing online comics, though I have been drawing comic book related material for most of my life. This story was written during the Democratic Primaries so you will find some familiar material referenced from those days. There are times when I think I should have went to journalism school instead of art school, and I think of this project as a mish mash of the two. My views have changed while staying the same in many aspects since I wrote this. I am considerably more radical and have considerably less faith in the electoral system than when I wrote this.

However, I do think of these days as a sort of coming of age period where I met many of my best friends online. I had never blogged about politics before getting involved in the Democratic Primary. It was a challenge to put myself out there, but from those days to today I have found my political identity; I have shaped my views to a hilt going through what everyone else went through from the wars to the ongoing economic crisis that came to a head in 2008. This is a fictionalized account of real experiences and sometimes real conversations from the Democratic primary in 2007-2008.

I hope you enjoy this look back and can relate. There is more that has to be written and drawn, but I started out with the Hillary Clinton experience in the early stages of the primary. I hope you will follow along and demand I finish this series so I will.

And here is the truth about the dynamics of the 2006 mid-term election victory for Democrats. Rahm Emanuel would have screwed the whole thing up if he got his way like he helped screw the economy up with helping to pass NAFTA and Permanent Normalized Trade Relations with China while working for Bill Clinton. Too bad he kept failing upward to Obama's Chief of Staff and to now being the anti union mayor of Chicago.

And here is where Walt Priceman makes his first stop once the primary is heating up and Hillary Clinton is the front runner. The aura of Hillary Clinton's inevitability professed everywhere by the corporate owned media really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, especially those that didn't want a political dynasty in the White House. A different narrative was needed.

There were always legitimate questions about the aura of inevitability involved with regard to Hillary's campaign going by the polling and who she hired to run it. All of these things seemed to go by the wayside when Walt questioned the logic behind her support.

Now certainly not all Hillary supporters were this irrational, but a good number of them really couldn't debate the merits of her record(and the reasoning I was given, as you can see, was rather bizarre) or her electability. And so the false accusations of sexism towards reporters like David Sirota and others who asked these questions were used to defend Hillary sadly.

Looking back she probably might have won had she been the nominee(and she would have been had she not have voted for the war), but it would have been close given the horrible advice she was given and inept way her campaign was run. She really had it all and her campaign totally self destructed.

That is all for this post. I'll post the second parts of this interview where Walt grills this Hillary supporter about these said issues regarding Hillary's candidacy next week. Thank you for reading.

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